"Dead Body Language" Out Now!

Our debut full-length is available now on vinyl and all digital platforms.

Full-throated musical confrontation with human aberrations, broken friendships and volatilized ideals isn’t a privilege of youth.

Farewell Signs, a five-piece hardcore outfit from Southern Germany, show exactly that. Their songs deal with loss, saying goodbye and the derived perception of arbitrary coexistence.

A group of friends, previously active in bands like Driving The Salt, Red Tape Parade or Bridges Left Burning, whose musical paths have crossed again after many years. Driven by the urge to create an outlet for these negative emotions by forging a contemporary blend of hardcore and punk, mixed with a decent dose of rock and metal, that is still as relevant as in their youth.

Defying the challenges of adult life and thereby refusing to let those supersede creativity, the anger of youth and the desire to speak out, they prove that growing up does not equal growing old.

Farewell Signs are here to be the stronghold of what they grew up believing in and still do. Punk and Hardcore and the set of ideals that come along with it don’t have an expiration date. There is no time to resign.

Whether it is family, friendships and companions or ideals: Life is loss but there is beauty in resilience.

"Their eyes are kept on us, like vultures waiting for the next prey."

"Independence is at stake."

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April 26th 2024




April 27th 2024



Asta Kneipe - Hard Attack Festival

June 15th 2024



Altes Kino

August 24th 2024



Club Schilli

"We sing a stolen song. We chant a dusty slogan."

"Forget about our origins. Neglect where we came from."

Out Now: "Dead Body Language" EP Trilogy & Album

"A life of illusions, ideals get burned away"

"The tragic of aging, avoidance leads astray"